Giuseppe Veneziano | Voice Actor

I have a voice range that is equally powerful, deep, yet an everyday authentic voice with a natural American accent. I can easily perform a wide range of tones ranging from an edgy young adult to a raspy older man and everything in between - I do it all!

Giuseppe has studied under Ron Rubin, Charlie Adler, Crispin Freeman, Howard Fine, Bill DeWees, Mike Hathcote, Steve Blum - just to name a few... Whether you need a captivating voiceover for a radio or TV commercial, movie trailer, promo, radio imaging,  video game, ADR/ Dubbing,  animation, e-learning, corporate instructional video, audiobook, product demo, or anything else in between I can do it for you.

With my versatility, your script will come to life and grabs the listener's attention.

"Character voices can sometimes feel bland or unnatural. Bringing the vast character voices and effectively incorporating and fulfilling the visual story with acting is the trick. Coupling character voices with various 'sound effects' from animal to monster sounds, it all needs to feel authentically connected to the scene- with timing, content, and intent.

It's the basis to all good story telling. That’s what I bring with my character voice acting. A little bit of spice, whether a sprinkle or a dash, can create a gourmet dinner." -Giuseppe


G's Pics

"This is it, the journey comes full circle. Giuseppe started his voice career producing, and voicing characters for a Dodgers' kid show on XTRA Sports 1150AM in early 2000."

From creature sounds, to character voices like Yogi Bear, Goofy, and Yoda amongst other general character voices, Giuseppe is now embarking in voicing characters in animation and video games as well as commercials, audiobooks, e-learning and narration."

To book Giuseppe, email him at [email protected]."

Let's Level Up Together!"


Giuseppe Veneziano is a husband, father, voice actor, inventor, author, full-time geek, and a tinkerer at heart. He lives in Whittier, California, with his wife, his son, his daughter, two dogs, a cat, and two turtles. Now that’s a full house! His family calls him the mechanic – because everything they break, they put it on his desk to fix. Giuseppe is an avid collector of autographed sports memorabilia (donations welcomed), comics, and superhero figures & statues.

With two bachelor’s degrees and an MBA, Giuseppe has set out to follow his passion for voice acting that inspire parents and children alike. One of Giuseppe’s notable past roles was voicing various characters in AM1150 Sportradio LA, morning kids show featuring the Los Angeles Dodgers and voicing many commercial spots and promos for the radio stations. Giuseppe has also voiced many radio commercials for various Los Angeles radio stations.

Giuseppe’s is one of the most versatile and sought after voice actors today.  While entertaining with his voice, Giuseppe invented the zooby baby monitor for cars and is also a published children’s book author. Giuseppe has a saying – “It takes a team to build a dream.” So know you aren’t alone in this journey of life- who’s on your team?


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